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New York City is the Vibe

I could come back 100 times and each time I’d want to come back a born and bred New Yorker. While I’ve been fortunate enough to travel the world and see complete glory and utter beauty in many different cities; home is home. New York is special. Its gritty, glamorous, dirty, beautiful, diverse, and a sleuth of other seemingly opposite things.
When it comes to culture New York is, in my obviously bias opinion undefeated. New York fashion specifically is iconic. New York style isn’t about one specific look rather the presence of many different looks that are only similar in the fact they look “effortlessly New York”.
If I’m Uptown you may catch me in some dope ass sneakers you haven’t seen yet. If I’m brunching on the Upperwest side you may catch me in a bold jumpsuit. If I’m low key on the Lower eastside find me in skinny black jeans, a graphic tee, and chucks. If I’ve made my way to BK I’m probably wearing a cropped top and a harem pant or a slip dress and a camo jacket. With all the previous said we all know there is nothing more New York than bringing my Uptown sneakers to my Soho lunch.
Urban Mermaid is about capturing the soul of urban style and highlighting its beauty and versatility. One of our most versatile yet bold pieces is our “Abstract Pant”. This vintage hand painted surplus pant was designed with urban versatility in mind. Check out all the ways you can wear this one of a kind pant and grab it before its gone!